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Make & Mary – Hemp Moisturizing Wands


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Uber soft & all day hydration.

Aroma: Warm, earthy, and resinous

Key Ingredients: Shea butter, calendula and 150mg full spectrum extract

revitalize & brighten

Our uber hydrating makeup balms are infused with powerful antioxidant-rich botanicals–like calendula and full-spectrum extract–and blended into a nutrient-dense base of shea and coconut butter to shine & restore.

Natural Wonder~ Radiant natural balm. An under-eye pep talk. Revitalize, lift, and brighten your eyes–and quite possibly your perspective.

Our moisturizing wands are good for all skin types, including sensitive and aging skin.

RITUAL: Apply to lips, cheeks, eyelids, tattoos, and tatas. Build with layers to get a glistening, hydrating glow.



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