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Are you ready to blast off to the coolest parts of the galaxy? Look no further than Hi on Nature’s maximum strength Liquid Chill. Made full spectrum THC-P, CBC, CBD-P, and some added cosmic terpenes, this potion will have you forgetting which planet you even came from. Each shot is equivalent to 500mg of Delta 8 and has effects that can last over 24 hours. With a delicious grape taste, it’s easy to chug, just be careful not to go ape-shit!
20mg per bottle
4-60 servings per 2.5oz bottle
Warning: THC-P is said to be 33x stronger than THC. If you’re wanting to go deep space exploring, this better not be your first trek through the stars. This product is a specialty item for space cadets with HIGH TOLERANCES ONLY! Effects may exceed 24 hours. Please start with a small amount and slowly increase to find your proper dose.


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