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Medusa – Knockout Blend Vape Cartridge – HXC 2000MG

$29.99 or $26.99 / month


HXC-O + HXC LIVE RESIN + HXC-P Medusa is back at it again! Are you ready to get KNOCKED OUT? Known for manufacturing some of the best-tasting and hard-hitting hemp products, this is their new line of HHC vapor devices. These vapes come pre-charged and pre-filled with 2 grams of pure and potent HXC. These vape cartridges fit on any 510-thread batteries and are easy to use. This device comes filled with a premium knockout blend that is sure to give any user an uplifting buzz. These devices come with HXC-O, HXC Live Resin, and HXC-P.

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Electric Lemonade, Trufflez, Mochi


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