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Modern Herb Co – Live Resin HHC 25mg

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Live Resin HHC Gummies are a tasty low-psychotropic option great for those wanting a mild experience or new to consuming cannabis. As a gauge, the toxicity level of HHC is between that of CBD and Delta 8. This moderate cannabinoid allows consumers to function while still having a bit of the edge taken off. Our gummies are made with tapioca syrup and pectin for smooth textures and vegan alternatives to gelatin. With exotic mixed fruit flavors like triple berry, mango smoothie, and peach our Live HHC gummies are sure to please!


Live resin is one of the purest, most flavorful concentrates offered in dispensaries due to its extraction method. Unlike other extraction methods using dried flower, live resin comes from freshly harvested flower that is delicately handled to keep terpenes and cannabinoids intact, frozen to retain freshness, then extracted while the plant is still alive. This method yields higher-than-average cannabinoid percentages and terpene profiles creating a potent, tasty concentrate.

This same method is used with hemp cannabis plants known as CBD live resin. When CBD live resin is blended with psychotropic cannabinoids such as hemp-derived D9, D8, or HHC the live resin potentiates the intoxicating cannabinoids creating a more balanced, tasty experience that one single cannabinoid cannot accomplish alone.

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FlavorMixed Fruit


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