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Come visit our location at 130 W. Main St in Historic Downtown Denison, TX!

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Ignite a natural way of living
Welcome to Fyr Flower in historic Denison, Texas! We’re on a mission to share the wellness benefits of CBD with our friends and neighbors through high-quality products and education.
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We’re committed to providing a variety of quality CBD products to fit your lifestyle.

CBD Education

Start at the Beginning

It’s in our nature to be skeptical, to look for evidence and to ask questions. You’re here before you are interested, but you need more information. We understand completely.

Fyr Flower is dedicated to sharing factual and educational information about CBD, Delta 8 and other legal cannabinoids. We want to educate our community. Whether you’re shopping in person or online, we are here to help. Learn the basics of CBD and how it works, find resources for additional learning, and get answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about CBD.

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Are you ready to explore natural alternatives? Ignite natural wellness by supporting your endocannabinoid system.

More than history in Denison

Fyr Flower is in the center of Historic Downtown Denison, one mile south of the Texas-Oklahoma border in Grayson County. We are proudly located in the Leadership Building and impossible to miss! Stop in for a quick supply run, or stay for the day and explore the historic landmarks, things to do. Plan your visit to Fyr Flower and the Historic Downtown Denison area!

The Roots of Fyr Flower

While the Fyr Flower storefront is new to historic Downtown Denison, the dream of opening a boutique in our community to promote wellness and support our neighbors has been burning for years. We are beyond excited to bring that vision to life.

Flower to the People

Join the Fyr Flower loyalty program! Fyr Flower members get exclusive promotions and early access to new products. It’s free to join, and every purchase earns points that can be redeemed for discounts on future purchases and more.

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~~Sunday – Noon to 4 pm~~

~~Monday – Closed~~

~~Tuesday through Saturday  – 10 am to 6 pm~~

We’re a few steps from the Eisenhower Memorial Birthplace and right next door to the Railroad Museum. See the sites and browse the shelves!

A conversation with my ring. #fyrflower
Fyr Flower’s annual company Christmas Party! #fyrflower #christmasparty
From Fyr Flower to you, Happy Holidays!! Thanks @diggs_darcey for the amazing video!!

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A nice cuppa of tea on a cold morning is a great way to get your daily dose of CBD! Start your morning off right with @williesremedyofficial 

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I hope wherever you are All is Good!! 

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Got myself the cutest little hat at @shopblueryan at their Hat Bar!!! Create yours too!!
Take a pic with #creepysanta & post on social media for 10% off your entire purchase today!!! #fyrflower #downtowndenison #shermantx #texomacbd
Hardest part of owning a small business. Writing on this sign!! I have terrible handwriting 🤣

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Are you looking for an amazing hostess gift for your next party? Flora Hemp Spirit is just amazing! Come in for a sample!

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Happy Thanksgiving from the food coma out at the farm today!! I hope everyone is safe and happy!!!

#fyrflower #thanksgiving
Happy Thanksgiving

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