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Come visit our location at 130 W. Main St in Historic Downtown Denison, TX!

Fyr up your wellness

We see it in the news, on social media and in the checkout line at the grocery store. Everyone is talking about CBD for wellness. But not all CBD products are created equal.

Fyr Flower is on a mission to provide customers with high-quality, safe, and effective CBD products that support overall mental and physical wellbeing.

When cannabis and hemp flowers interact with fire, it kickstarts a chemical process that activates the compounds within the plant that interact with our body’s endocannabinoid system. That firing process, or decarboxylation, makes CBD and hemp products accessible — and thus the inspiration behind Fyr Flower.

We’re dedicated to educating the public about the benefits of CBD and using the latest information available to hand-pick our products. We value honesty and transparency. We partner with suppliers that use sustainable and mindful farming practices, and we ensure all of the products we carry are third-party tested for purity and potency.

Feel the flower. Fyr up your wellness.

Follow Our Lead

Fyr Flower is proudly located in the Leadership building, previously known as the Hubbard building, in Historic Downtown Denison. Built around 1879, the building previously housed a grocery store, furniture store and even a partial theater! In 2011, the building’s aluminum facade was ripped off, exposing the historic architecture and details underneath it. Those details have been preserved and are truly a site to admire. Follow Eisenhower’s lead and see for yourself.

Denison History

The home of Fyr Flower, Denison, is located about 75 miles north of Dallas and just south of the Texas-Oklahoma border. The city is the county seat of Grayson county, with a population of 24,000 people.

The town was founded in 1872 and became a major stop on the Texas and Pacific Railway and a major hub for transportation and commerce. The town has a rich history and is home to several historic sites. The city is home to two colleges, Austin College and Grayson College. Outdoor enthusiasts enjoy fishing, boating and hiking in the Hagerman National Wildlife Refuge.

Historic Downtown Denison is home to a vibrant art scene and many delish eateries and stores. While you’re exploring the area, visit Fyr Flower to try something new or stock up on your favorites. Take a moment to relax, then walk next door to the Red River Railroad Museum. or visit the Eisenhower Birthplace State Historic Site, just four blocks away.

Things To Do in Denison

There is so much to do in Denison, now known as a destination spot for shopping, eating and good clean fun. These are a few of our favorite things!

Main Street

Main Street features shopping boutiques and antique shops, fun and amazing places to eat, and more! Downtown is the heart of our community and the premier site for events like Doc Holiday Days at the end of every April and a variety of live music events. There is always something to do on Main Street!

Denison Dam

Built in the 1940s, the Denison Dam is a great spot for boating, fishing and swimming.

Lake Texoma

Visit Lake Texoma, a nature filled cakewalk of water playgrounds in the Southwest United States. Lake Texoma is fed by two main sources, the Red River from the west and Washita River from the north, and it creates a natural border between Oklahoma and Texas.

Guided by Purpose

Meet longtime couple Kim and Mitch, founders of Fyr Flower. Like any good team, their strengths complement each other, and their combined career experience prepared them for this exciting new venture together.

But it’s their appreciation for natural wellness and their own positive experiences with CBD that gave Kim and Mitch the confidence to share CBD with the community. Having tried and tested many of the products you’ll find in the boutique, Kim and Mitch are the perfect guides for customers who are curious about CBD but not sure where to start.

Kimberly Price

Kimberly Price manages operations for the boutique. Kim started her career with the United States Air Force and is a proud Veteran! She worked as a software developer and project manager for many years before pursuing an exciting opportunity with a mid-size national retail chain. That position allowed her to wear many hats and get on-the-job training and experience in marketing, supply chain management, financial systems and ecommerce. Eventually life and experience gave her the nudge she needed to add entrepreneurship to her resume. Kim left that career to pursue this dream full-time with the support of her partner in life and love.

Kim uses CBD balms and roll-ons for pain relief and CBN for sleep support. Ask her about her experiences and favorite products.

Mitch Laman

Owning and operating a CBD boutique was really more Mitch’s dream initially. With a background in cybersecurity and technology, Mitch Laman is the product specialist and buyer at Fyr Flower. Mitch is the CBD loyalist, a true believer and benefactor of the cannabis plant’s therapeutic properties. As a lifelong Texan, he has been on a mission for years to find legal plant medicine products. He has taken on the role of researching and curating Fyr Flower’s extensive product list. Mitch also handles all the technical aspects of the business and is a proud Army Veteran.

Mitch uses Delta 8 and Delta 9 flower for stress relief and recreation. Ask him about his experiences and favorite strains.

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